Our activities are compliant with the GDPR-norm, active as of 25/05/2018.

Your data


We gather personal data exclusively in the context of our professional activities. This data is never shared with any external party, with the exception of subcontractors or manufacturers and only on a "need to know"-basis. Our subcontractors and the manufacturers we work with have also committed to the GDPR-norm.


Data is mainly gathered in a dedicated Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment. Additional solutions are used for mailing (MailChimp) and support (Freshdesk) functionalities. No data is harvested or stored by using our systems online (e.g. this website).


You cannot access your data online. Contact us if you want more detail of what we might have stored from you and if you want that data to be altered.

Our systems


Our dedicated Microsoft Dynamics CRM system is running on a dedicated platform, hosted in a datacenter of Telenet Belgium. The necessary regulations on physical and virtual access of this platform are in effect.


Additional solutions are running on the online platforms of their manufacturers. All these parties have committed to the GDPR-norm.


All systems are maintained according to the instructions of these parties.